Our Youth Traditional Program Classes:

Preschool (ages 2.5-4)

Our pre-school level introduces our youngest students to basic concepts of ballet and tap. We work on movement and motor skills, flexibility, balance, musicality and rhythm in a fun and nurturing environment. Through music, songs, dance games and with props, students will learn to use dance as a creative means of self expression and movement. Class is 45 minutes. View Class Schedule

Primary  I & II (ages 4-5, 5-6)
The primary levels of dance will further lay a foundation in both elementary ballet and tap technique continuing to foster a love of movement and music. We will build on proper terminology, simple combinations, progressions, rhythm, flexibility, coordination and balance. Students will begin to understand the concepts of moving in basic dance patterns, dancing with partners and as a group. Class is 45 minutes. View Class Schedule

Ballet/Jazz Basics (6-8 years) 60 min

Our Basics level classes are the next step for students with little or no previous dance training and/or who have taken the Primary Level classes. The  Basics level will build upon the foundations of the primary levels, continuing to explore creative dance concepts which will support development of the grace, confidence and artistic expression needed for continued study in dance.  The class is split into two 1/2 hour segments dedicated to the foundations of ballet technique, followed by an introduction to the style and movement of jazz. View Class Schedule

Ballet/Jazz Combo (7-9 years)

This 75 minute class provides a transition for students who have taken Ballet Basics with the intention of moving on to Ballet I. Students will begin to complete ballet steps in sequence with a stronger focus on proper terminology and technique. Students will continue to develop their balance, musicality, coordination & flexibility. This class will also introduce students to basic jazz technique, facility and style. View Class Schedule

Tap Basics I/Tap Basics II (6-9 years)

Tap Basics continues with elementary techniques presented at the pre-school and primary levels with additional focus on  timing, rhythm, coordination and musicality. Students will be introduced to a series of  tap combinations and steps which will prepare them for the more detailed/intricate patterns presented in the Level I & up classes. View Class Schedule

Hip Hop Basics (6-8 years)

The perfect introductory class to the style of Hip Hop.  We explore basic moves and concepts, using lots of visual and vocal cues to help with sequencing skills.  This class is fast paced, appropriate music and lots of fun for your energetic 6-8 year old!

Hip Hop Junior (7-9 years)

Hip-Hop Junior is a fast-paced and exciting class that introduces students to the basics and beats of hip-hop. Hip Hop has become increasingly popular dance genre for all ages. Hip Hop evolved out of street and break dance moves and is characterized by its vigorous athletics and bouncy style.  Hip-Hop is a great aerobic workout that develops strength and flexibility. Its constantly changing style, upbeat music and bouncy beat makes this a great addition to a class curriculum or as a recreational class on its own. View Class Schedule