Our Tap Classes

TAP teaches rhythm, coordination,  tap fundamentals and terminology all in a fast paced, energetic and upbeat class.  Classes are available at graduated levels, beginner through advanced.

Tap I/Tap II-
Must be enrolled in at least one weekly ballet class
Tap technique is offered at graduated levels of learning and will incorporate all styles. Tap I teaches rhythm, coordination, terminology and basic tap choreography. Tap II  is open to students who have mastered the skills in Tap I and is designed to refine tap skills, while moving beyond the fundamentals of tap.  Students will put the fundamentals to work by learning new steps, rhythms, patterns, and combinations. Students will also learn different styles of tap such as Stomp, Showboat, and Rhythmic.

Tap III-V –Matriculation into the intermediate and advanced level tap classes are by recommendation. Students transferring from other programs will be assessed prior to final class placement. These classes will focus on faster and more intricate footwork.  The dancer at this level will develop speed, clarity, dynamics, and the ability to execute to complex rhythmic combinations