Our Jazz Classes

Jazz- Accompanied by upbeat music, Jazz classes will begin with a thorough stretch, technical and cardiovascular warm-up followed by progressions and combinations. All styles of jazz will be incorporated into the curriculum including Musical Theater, Broadway Style, & Lyrical.  Students must be enrolled in a minimum of one ballet class per week.

Jazz I /Jazz II 

Jazz I & II are foundation building classes focused on stretching, physical coordination, body awareness, building strength and flexibility.  Basic jazz technique in the center and simple patterns will be introduced along with combinations to improve memory and sequencing skills.

Jazz III-V

Students who have mastered the skills in Jazz II will be recommended for placement in the intermediate and advanced level classes.  Jazz III and up will continue to build upon technique, mastering more advanced patterns, movements and choreography.

Jumps & Turns (Intermediate & Advanced students) 

Jumps & Turns is a technique class focused on building the skills needed to properly execute jumps and turns.  Focus is on building strength, core stability and stamina. A full warm up including technique and strengthening exercises followed by progressions.