Our Contemporary & Lyrical Classes

Contemporary/Lyrical dance style has its foundation in ballet, combining the many technical elements of classical ballet with the freedom and fluidity and expressiveness of jazz, contemporary and modern. With contemporary music, the class curriculum and choreography will focus on the fluidity of movement, emotional expression as well as focus on bodylines, balance, and sustained extensions.  Both the Pre-Teen and Teen Level I classes are a great introduction to the lyrical class style. Higher-level classes will include more contemporary skills and floor work. Students in lyrical classes are strongly encouraged to study classical ballet and jazz simultaneously to support the technique required in class.

Contemporary is a style that focuses more on unconventional movement. It does not have fixed movement or the same fluidity as Lyrical dance.  Contemporary explores oppositional movement, alignment, pedestrian like gestures,  irregular rhythms and patterns.  Contemporary dance is usually introduced at the more advanced levels where the dancers have a strong ballet technique to support the movement and skills required.